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 MusicDishTV Presents "Feel So" By Erup

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MusicDishTV Presents "Feel So" By Erup Empty
PostSubject: MusicDishTV Presents "Feel So" By Erup   MusicDishTV Presents "Feel So" By Erup Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 11:00 pm

Jamaican reggae artist Erup's video "Feel So" features Erup spitting rhymes with authentic Jamaican style and swagger. The video alternates between scenes of Erup rapping alone and him with a pretty young lady who is the object of his affection. This song is about love as Erup tells you that it "Feel So" good and indeed it does, especially the way this young talent lays it down. Viewers are in for a treat as we watch while he tries to win her love. Erup has a smooth delivery and cool style, establishing himself as not just a rapper, but also one who sings a bit as well. His strong masculine voice will be pleasing to many, especially the ladies, and when you throw that sexy Jamaican accent in, girls - we just don't stand a chance! The music is fresh and interesting with an overlapping of mixes that have different beats and instruments that, combined with Erup's vocal style, produce a solid sound. This is a video and song that viewers and listeners will definitely enjoy as the reggae beat blasts out the heat and yes, it is definitely sizzling hot!

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MusicDishTV Presents "Feel So" By Erup
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