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 MusicDishTV Presents "F--- The IRS" By Cutting Edge

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PostSubject: MusicDishTV Presents "F--- The IRS" By Cutting Edge   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:22 am

In Cutting Edge's video, "F--- The IRS," directed by J. Fassler and highly entertaining, the band creatively uses stock footage of a concert they are not actually performing in to insert scenes of themselves playing and singing their song, which is an 80's style rock track, with synthesizers, great guitar solos, banging percussion, and horn section hits. Released on the Thunder Quest Records label, the video shows multiple images - all stimulating - including a packed and screaming audience, a variety of animated symbols and still shots, and scenes of Americans working hard only to have large percentages of their salaries given away to the IRS. The concept is captivating and the video and track are both enjoyable, satirical, and moving and grooving. It's a refreshing look at a deeply annoying topic and most Americans will pat their feet, snap their fingers, bob their heads, and laugh out loud to this video, which was perfectly done.

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MusicDishTV Presents "F--- The IRS" By Cutting Edge
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