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 Mase "We Miss You" (Official Video)

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PostSubject: Mase "We Miss You" (Official Video)    Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:34 pm

The video "We Miss You" by hip hop/R&B artist Mase is a well-produced, sophisticated and savvy video that is a beautiful tribute to his father who passed away. It depicts a son who has obvious material successes, and suggests that the influence of his father helped him to make the choices that allow him to live that way. In the video and track, Mase brings you into his world as he shows and tells how his father's demise all went down, and it's an emotional and touching experience. He's singing a song of remembrance and honor for the fatherly support and love that he knew and lost, asking the question "What am I supposed to do in this crazy world without you?" and issuing affirmative and heartfelt statements like "I am never gonna forget all the time you spent with me". The song should serve as an inspiration to all fathers to do what a loving one like his did – to shape the future that one has created. The music is a good accompaniment to lyrics that are gripping and never let go.

The track has a nice beat with a somewhat mysterious sound of electronic water, a nice guitar with background, and accompanying female vocals that are fantastic. "We Miss You" is a must see, must hear video and track.

Watch "We Miss You" on YouTube:
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Mase "We Miss You" (Official Video)
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