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 Review: "Sunny Day" By R&B/Pop Talent Amira

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Review: "Sunny Day" By R&B/Pop Talent Amira Empty
PostSubject: Review: "Sunny Day" By R&B/Pop Talent Amira   Review: "Sunny Day" By R&B/Pop Talent Amira Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2012 11:04 pm

"Sunny Day" is an R&B and pop mix that lifts your spirits and elevates your mood and day. It's the perfect way to ease into chill mode and be relaxed and at peace. It just made the top of my morning mix because the words and the music are so positive. The piano and keys get this song started with a warm mix and easy mid tempo dance track, with a nice kick drum. The percussion isn't "in your face," but is smooth, and the vocals are rocking. Amira has a great soft, soulful voice, and the background vocals complement the song well. With lyrics like, "Nothing's gonna change my mind, Nothing's gonna bring me down", that are set to smooth, but catchy music; "Sunny Day" just keeps you on a high note. The high string hits really add nice touches, and the track is well produced. This is a great song for a world that needs more smiles and positivity."

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Review: "Sunny Day" By R&B/Pop Talent Amira
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