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 "Take Me For A Ride" By Lea Marie

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PostSubject: "Take Me For A Ride" By Lea Marie   Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:04 am

Pop princess Lea Marie has arrived with her new single "Take Me For A Ride". Both beautiful and talented, this pop vocalist's sound will make listeners wish that they were the lucky recipients of that request. "Take Me For A Ride" is from her recently released sophomore album "Undercover Lover," which boasts 6 tracks. The video for "Take Me For A Ride" highlights her charm, presence, and vocal abilities that are unquestionably good, showing her in scenes all over Hollywood during the day and night. Very well produced and entertaining, Lea delivers an awesome vocal performance that fits the mood of the track and video perfectly, as her band backs her up all the way. Right in the middle of the video, she changes on one of the breaks and sings in a slightly lighter, sweeter voice, which adds a dynamic to the song that viewers and listeners will find to be very pleasing. "Take Me For A Ride" grabs the viewer with its fast pace and good music. The young talent does the rest and by the end of the song, you'll be hooked. With a nice danceable, beat this song is really hot, and so is the singer. "Take Me For A Ride" is a pop lover's paradise.

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"Take Me For A Ride" By Lea Marie
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