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 The Two Sides Of Jefferson Thomas

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PostSubject: The Two Sides Of Jefferson Thomas   Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:13 pm

The “indie-rock/ alchemist with a hangover” is back with an ambitious rollout of twin releases

'"Side One" is loose, boozy roots-rock and Its songs feature characters straight out of a Bukowski barroom. "Side Two" is the more ambitious of the two, musically and production-wise, with moody string arrangements here and there and a few cinematic cross-fades. The characters in these songs are caught in the very real recent American landscape of crippling economic woes and the bleak aftermath, and they don’t really ever make it out. Some kill, some die, some run drugs and guns, and the ones left standing avoid the mirror in the morning. Thomas laughs when he sums it up. “I guess the first one is about my demons. The second one is about your demons.”'
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The Two Sides Of Jefferson Thomas
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