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 The Inception Of Music Search, A Search Engine Within A Search Engine

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PostSubject: The Inception Of Music Search, A Search Engine Within A Search Engine   Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:03 pm

LYRICSnMUSIC is now out of public beta. LYRICSnMUSIC is a comprehensive Lyric and Music Search Engine where Song Lyrics, YouTube videos, Wikipedia entry, Images, Concert dates, iTunes/Amazon MP3, and Guitar Tabs are displayed on one simple page, allowing visitors to have a wealth of information on their favorite song/artist. Users can also search 10 separate music related search engines with one click. This, plus a clean design and no annoying pop-up ads, makes for a great user experience.

The site can be a fun place to discover new music as both the lyrics and YouTube pages have links to the "similar songs" feature where users can choose to see the lyrics, Youtube video or get full information on a newly discovered similar song/artist.

Partnering with LyricFind the site has over 2 million legal lyrics. LyricFind ensures that all publishers are paid their royalties. We also encourage independent artists without record labels to upload their lyrics, and our platform will aggregate all their online assets (lyrics, videos, band info, tour dates, etc.) on to one simple page.

With visitors from nearly every country on the planet, song lyrics are truly a universal language. Fatima Wahab of may have said it best. "LYRICSnMUSIC is a website that lets you search for everything music related from a single site. It’s like the Inception of music search where you have a search engine within a search engine."

For more information please contact Bobby at

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The Inception Of Music Search, A Search Engine Within A Search Engine
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