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 Songaide, A New Exclusive Songwriting Community

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PostSubject: Songaide, A New Exclusive Songwriting Community   Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:59 pm

Songaide is a new exclusive online songwriting community. Songaide’s main purpose is for songwriters to post the lyrics they are working on and get feedback from other songwriters. Members can also post songwriting questions and tips (anything songwriting related is acceptable).

Membership is not immediate which is where the exclusive part comes into play. Once registered, the new registrant will be manually reviewed. Songaide will try to determine if the person that registered really is a songwriter or not by asking some questions via e-mail. Although this method isn’t fool proof, Songaide’s hope is that it will cut down on spam and ensure that most of the members truly are songwriters. Since most of the members should be songwriters, they will be getting advice and feedback from people that have experience with songwriting, making that feedback more valuable.

Every new post shows up on the main page and can be found at any time by going to that songwriter’s profile, clicking on a related tag or simply by using the keyword search functionality.

Songaide can be used not only to get feedback and ask questions, but also as a tool for collaborating online with other songwriters.

The site’s design is very minimal and simple so that the focus stays on the lyrics and/or discussion. Members post right from the main page in a fashion that could be considered similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Registration is free and takes only seconds to complete. All members retain the rights to their lyrics/songs.
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Songaide, A New Exclusive Songwriting Community
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