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 The Music Next Door

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PostSubject: The Music Next Door   Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:17 pm

A brand new wave of recording is emerging into the music industry that is putting a new look on home studios. Many artist are looking for a comfortable and private place to reach into their deepest creativity caverns. Famous home studios such as Rick Rubin's "The Mansion" featured in Jay Z's documentary 'Fade to Black', have spawned a new idea of Home studios that provide a sense of zen comfort, but can deliver the state of the art sound that the artist desires.

There is now consumer accessibility to editing and production programs such as the recent release of Protools 9 by Avid, that no longer requires the consumer to purchase a Digidesign interface, or Logic 9 by Apple, that is an install-and-go program. These new developments allow nearly any home, when combined with the right chemistry, talent and a bit of magic to potentially become the next "Motown".

From coast to coast and beyond, you can find home studios delivering top notch production, recordings and mixing. Some are elaborate mansions with all the amenities of a major recording studio, but most are mid sized homes with a few converted rooms or basement providing an at-home environment while the artists records their project.

Atlanta seems to lead the way in this trend with studios like 'Music House Studios' which sports an impressive clientele list ranging from Usher and Akon to 'Sex in the City' (the movie). This mid- sized home is laced with elegant furniture, cathedral style atrium windows and rosewood floors. It houses several production and recording suites as well as a grand piano room decorated with platinum plaques from all your favorite artists. Music House also utilizes it's Garden style kitchen to provide catering or a personal chef while the artists works on their project. Music House Studios allows the major artists to feel at home and provides for a sense of privacy without the electronic doors and receptionists.

A short trip down Hwy 400 into downtown you'll find another type of home studio that has become a popular recording haven for the independent hipster, urban and pop artists alike. Nestled in the Peoples Town community, just a baseballs throw away from Turner field, is 177 Studios. Upon immediate entry you will notice original artwork on the walls and retro ikea furnishings. 177 studios also provides a kitchen for catering or personal chef upon request. All of the staff at 177 studios are trained musicians and professionals and are more than capable of delivering the clients needs. That would explain why this music gem, hidden in the shadows of the Atlanta skyline, is known amongst a portion of the Atlanta music community for housing affordable live production recordings often needed for independent artists including live drums, guitar or pretty much anything head engineer Jbreeze can place a microphone on.

From converted rooms in homes to entire houses transformed into state of the art Studios, you can find a fresh emergence of independent studios across the country. No longer is the recording industry only for the elite and rich. The opportunity for independent success is vast in this new time where you may have have the next big superstar recording a Grammy winning record right next door!
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The Music Next Door
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