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 New Comer R&B Singer, Songwriter And Musician B. Peace

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PostSubject: New Comer R&B Singer, Songwriter And Musician B. Peace    Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:48 am

Los Angeles based R&B artist B. Peace releases his debut single, "International" which is a heavy piano driven mid tempo track with a catchy sing-a-long hook and sexy vibe. The single boasts familiar lyrics that champions what appears to be a hot and independent woman. Immediately upon meeting this girl in the club, B. Peace catches feelings for what he thinks is the perfect girl but eventually realizes that he has blindly fallen in love with a loose girl who has lovers all over the world.

The single, currently available on iTunes, demonstrates the B. Peace overall persona as a sexy level headed man who is looking for more than just a one night stand and would prefer a girl who has standards. The song will be familiar to men who have fallen in the same trap and women who value self respect will find his perspective refreshing.

The debut single which was written and produced by B. Peace is the first of many songs to be released on his upcoming album He brings a unique and necessary talent to the industry; as a singer, songwriter and musician, B. Peace has mastered the piano, drums and bass.

For more information on B. Peace please visit his website at
Twitter @RnBPEACE
Face Book at
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New Comer R&B Singer, Songwriter And Musician B. Peace
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