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 S1 Songs Group Announce Sheryl Crow Dea

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PostSubject: S1 Songs Group Announce Sheryl Crow Dea   Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:35 pm

S1 Songs Group global CEO, Steve McMellon, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the Sheryl Crow music publishing catalogue and also the execution of a co-publishing agreement for Sheryl's future works.

This is a major deal for the global but London & Dublin-headquartered independent music publisher, and reflects the importance attached by Sheryl Crow and her management team to S1 Songs' creative offering as well as its international network of its own companies capable of driving value from her portfolio and future work across all key territories and media channels, including the opportunity for bespoke writing and recording for film and television.

Sheryl Crow is internationally renowned and is one of the most iconic singer song-writers in the last twenty years, a prolific live performer with career sales in excess of 30 million albums alongside 9 Grammy awards, 1 Brit Award and 3 American Music Awards. She is regularly acknowledged as the catalyst for today's significant number of female recording artists and performers.

The deal sees S1 Songs add 153 songs released by Sheryl between 1993 and 2008 to its existing portfolio of in excess of 30,000 songs, as well as securing the rights to Sheryl's next two albums.

"This is a landmark deal for S1 Songs. Sheryl is an icon in the female singer-songwriter genre, and was a ground-breaker who paved the way for many of the current successful female singer-songwriters who are dominating the global charts. Sheryl's repertoire has considerable longevity. In addition to the hits, listen to "Redemption Day' or "Home' from the self-titled "Sheryl Crow' album: those songs are typical of Sheryl's repertoire and will continue to have appeal for many years yet!'

Sheryl is delighted that the deal has been completed and is looking forward to the new relationship, commenting: "I am very excited about the S1 plans for my music and look forward to a good positive working arrangement'

Sheryl Crow and Steve McMellon pictured in Los Angeles after concluding the deal.

Scooter Weintraub, Sheryl's long-time Manager, has already spent time with the S1 Songs team and is looking forward to implementing some of the plans that they have been discussing.

"I think the independence of S1 Songs, together with its creativity and long-term game plan makes it the perfect partner for Sheryl'.

S1 Songs' US President and Global Head of Creative, Neil Gillis, is similarly enthused by the deal.... "we are welcoming the premier female singer-songwriter to our roster, this is a major acquisition for us. As an independent, with our own international structure, we are perfectly placed to give these wonderful songs (and those that are to come) the attention they deserve both in the US and the Rest of the World'.

McMellon and Gillis, supported by Pat Finch (Nashville), Soeren Bauermeister (Continental Europe) and Dave Polemeni (Head of Film and TV), will personally take responsibility for the catalogue and the new repertoire, working very closely with Scooter Weintraub and his team on the creative front.
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S1 Songs Group Announce Sheryl Crow Dea
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