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 Project By "Harsh Noise" Musician YASUTOSHI YOSHIDA

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PostSubject: Project By "Harsh Noise" Musician YASUTOSHI YOSHIDA    Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:22 am

Renowned Japanese "Harsh Noise" musician and producer, Yasutoshi Yoshida, has composed an original soundtrack, "Logical Conclusions," for David Hoenigman's experimental novel, Burn Your Belongings, published by Jaded Ibis Press. Yoshida also created the book's cover and 190 original color collages – one to frame each page of text – based on his "art brut" influences.

That's a lot of art, a tremendous amount of time and effort. When asked how he managed to complete the tasks in just a few months, Yoshida replied: "When I was working on the artwork for Burn Your Belongings I was living in an old apartment. Two men and a woman lived upstairs from me, and I could hear them laughing, talking and making noise all night, every night. Their existence deeply annoyed me; they disrupted my sleeping and I became very sleep deprived. I would escape into the minimalist world that David had created in Burn Your Belongings. When I focused on this project I could forget everything. I just kept on creating like a selfless automaton. It was a comforting and unforgettable experience."

Steve Finbow, former book reviewer for The Japan Times and author of Balzac of the Badlands, calls the Burn Your Belongings collaboration "...a brave exercise in anti-narrative, a reminder to us that there is more to writing and reading than best-sellers. Yasutoshi Yoshida's art perfectly captures and augments the work's sense of dislocated and dreamlike realism."

Hoenigman states that he had known Yasutoshi Yoshida for years and was a great fan of his noise performances. "It was only a year or two ago," says Hoenigman, "that I discovered [Yoshida] also does visual art. The intricacy of his work just blew me away. It's alive, it's multileveled and it has such an energy to it that it's almost like holding a rare exotic animal in your hands."

The fine art limited edition of the book contains a 100-foot scroll of the artwork and text, signed and numbered by the Yoshida and Hoenigman. Yasutoshi's soundtrack and art can be heard and viewed online at the Jaded Ibis website.

Hoenigman is currently collaborating with notable Japanese photographer, Kawori Inbe, on his second novel, Squeal For Joy, also to be published by Jaded Ibis Press. The musician for the book's soundtrack has yet to be selected.

In December 2011 parent company Jaded Ibis Productions will release a compilation of all soundtracks written for the Press's 2011 books, including Yoshida, DJ Spooky, Resident Anti-Hero, and at least seven others.

Jaded Ibis Press publishes fine and unusual works of literature, music, art and related products. The company's mission is summed up in this recent interview in Forbes: Focused on the cross-pollination of ideas and aesthetics, the Press is, in the words of its founder Debra Di Blasi, "moving publishing into the 21st century, where it belongs."

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Project By "Harsh Noise" Musician YASUTOSHI YOSHIDA
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