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 Electronica Artist JJacob Kicks Off 2011 With New Publishing Deal And Release Of New CD

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PostSubject: Electronica Artist JJacob Kicks Off 2011 With New Publishing Deal And Release Of New CD   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:04 pm

Veiron Audio and Visual Productions announced that LTP Learning To Play, the debut album from Director/Producer JJacob is now available in CD format through both CD Baby and Unsigned CDs. The album has been available for digital download since October 22, 2010. A one year sync licensing/publishing deal was also signed with Liberty Music Trax – Canada
( ) for four tracks from the “LTP Learning to Play” album: “Traveler I – The Journey Begins,” “Gaia,” “Uriel,” and “Learning to Play”.

JJacob and LTP Learning to Play have been having quite a bit of success on the social networking scene as well. In less than a year, JJacob’s MySpace profile alone ( ) had more than 17,000 views and 7,000 plays. The aggregated score for all of his social networks, including ReverbNation and FaceBook, showed more than 20,000 views and 10.000 plays.

The nine track LTP Learning To Play is a combination songs based largely on the combination of the electronic genre with multiple other genres, all of which (with the exception of one) are purely instrumental. There are mixtures of rather classical instruments like pianos, violins, orchestral elements and percussions, drums and guitars. On most tracks, elements of rock dominate but under the umbrella of what one would consider electro-rock or progressive instrumental rock. Some tracks are closer to the styles of artists like Vangelis, Jean Michele Jarre and Tangerine Dream. “Learning To Play,” the only track with lyrics, and performed by singer Lola Yannopoulou, is reminiscent of Enya and the 90’s ambient scene.

Diane and the Reviewer Team critiqued the album, stating, "Talented artist, JJacob, releases an excellent collection of ambient Electronic music on his debut album, “LTP Learning to play.” JJacob is a self taught musician and he is not afraid to make that statement. As you listen through his entire album, one would think he had some kind of training as his music is quite melodic and has a multitude of layered sounds with a nice dynamic balance. Opening up the CD, “Traveler I - The Journey Begins,” is vibrant with a steady strong rhythm and rich synth strings. Another song, “Time noise,” is bursting with rhythmic beats swirling around the lush sounds of the synths as they build up to a grand, powerful feel. “Playground,” has mysterious sound and flows with a terrific eerie sensation. Although this album is mainly instrumentals, “Learning to Play,” features hypnotic vocals that caress the well orchestrated instrumentation. If you are a fan of Electronic music with dark tonality, then the album, “LTP Learning to play,” is just what you need to listen to."

LTP was originally based on the simple idea of learning how to play music. With the completion of each track, however, it became more apparent that the creative process was being driven by certain personal emotions which were gradually emerging. Eventually, LTP turned out to be learning to play with a sense of nature, the simple elements that have contributed to one’s life, and even the new sense of values that emerge from a child's play. The ultimate understanding is that our true existence in the universe is grounded in the grace of humble things.

LTP can be purchased at CD Baby at: or CD Unsigned at:, and at city-central major retailer stores “IANOS Chain of culture” in Greece. It will be available shortly at select major and independent music stores in Greece, Europe, the USA and Japan. The Veiron Audio and Visual productions online music store is currently under construction, but the album is now available in digital downloadable formats through the major online retailers iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, and others.

About Liberty Musix Trax
Liberty Music Trax , a digital music licensing service based in Montreal, Canada, provides original music by independent artists from Canada and around the world exclusively to creative content producers, for use in television series, films, new media, games, and advertising. We offer full length original songs (vocal and instrumental) with both Sync + Master rights pre-cleared for all production applications and media platforms. All songs are handpicked by industry professionals to allow content creators to expand their creative freedom far beyond what production libraries can offer. The songs in the Liberty library are ideal to complement composers' custom music for your production.
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Electronica Artist JJacob Kicks Off 2011 With New Publishing Deal And Release Of New CD
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