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 Mister Jack Knocks Cher Lloyd Of The YouTube Number 1 Spot

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PostSubject: Mister Jack Knocks Cher Lloyd Of The YouTube Number 1 Spot   Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:21 pm

The U.K.'s ska/punk/rock master Mister Jack must have been very, very good this year or very, very naughty depending on Santa's preferences. His Christmas video, "Santa Is Comin'" climbed the YouTube Charts of the Most Watched Video rapidly. On December 1st, the video held the number one spot, becoming the frontrunner to other celebrated artists such as Nicki Minaj with "Fly" featuring Rihanna holding the number two spot and Justin Bieber's "Latin Girl" at number five. In fact, Mister Jack even overtook fellow U.K. celeb Cher Lloyd of the X Factor, whose video had been number one on November 30th, knocking her to number four.

Sarah Mayal of Arival Records commented on the accomplishment, stating, "Mister Jack has a reputation for producing good music and presenting it in a very entertaining way. We are all very pleased at the success he is having and expect it to continue. He is absolutely an original artist."

Mister Jack's video, "Santa Is Comin'" begins with an animated Santa and reindeers pulling a sleigh that is about to trample a bearded male as he shouts to whomever will listen, "Santa is coming!" The music starts to play and the video switches to real life, with Mister Jack and his band playing in a bar. The song itself has a catchy reggae and ska feel to it with a slow beat that is reminiscent of Jimmy Cliff. The scenes switch from Mister Jack and crew shopping for holiday items in a department store, to frolicking outside in the snow, to Mister Jack being a little naughty with one of Santa's female helpers. Mister Jack sports a Beastie Boys look with his black top hat, Adidas track jacket and sunglasses. Lyrically speaking, Mister Jack is pondering his female counterpart's desires for this Christmas. Overall, it's a fun and festive holiday track that naturally incorporates Mister Jack's British humor. He appears to be having a jolly ‘ole time and is in good spirits. Then again, what man wouldn't be with two scantily clad females around him? Bring out the egg nog, because Santa is Comin'!


Born in Hammersmith, West London, in 1986, the artist known as Mister Jack has garnished many accolades over the years for his brand of music which is an anthemic mix of what he calls "power pop, punk, rock, ska and a hint of British humor". A self-taught guitarist by the age of 10, Mister Jack began writing guitar riffs while performing in U.K. punk rock bands from 2004-2006. He was honored with an exclusive feature in the Reggae section of, became the 18th most viewed musician on YouTube UK, and also awarded him numerous honors for his songs. He became the featured artist in August 2009 on Pax Stereo TV and his single "Pretty Damn Cool" on Arival Records had a total of 50,000 YouTube views. His latest single, pop reggae Christmas track "Santa Is Comin'," will be released in time for the Holiday Season on December 13, 2010.

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Mister Jack Knocks Cher Lloyd Of The YouTube Number 1 Spot
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