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 Robert Lauri's Musical Worlds Bring Out All Our Emotions

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PostSubject: Robert Lauri's Musical Worlds Bring Out All Our Emotions   Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:53 pm

Robert Lauri is making waves with these new songs in his video clips. A creative and sensitive artist, and a visionary melody writer, he leads each of us to discover the full range of his creative energy.

His music blends many types of sounds that all come together in a thumping mix of pop, country, ethereal beats and movie music. It's almost impossible to pin Robert Lauri down to any particular genre because his music spans such a broad range of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Nevertheless, his music does have one common thread throughout – it conveys emotion and sensitivity.

Today we are presenting a small sample: the clips of his "country" world in pure Robert Lauri style. "Someday", an instrumental version, "Daydream" and "Wanted" transport us to an original Western world. "Someday" and "Away from you" take us to a world of Americana-country with a catchy rhythm.

Let's dive into a completely different world with the clip "Peace". Here Robert performs a unique piece of music that captivates us with its powerful emotional force. This is another example of an experienced composer who knows how to create a melody and to intertwine it with variations and nuances throughout, while never losing sight of the harmony.

Robert Lauri has such a large collection of music that we invite you to listen to the different programs on his radio station. "Robert Lauri on the Air," on Live365. The station offers so many different types of music. It's like browsing the world and its culture. Robert has also written for other artists and we just might see an unpublished collection of songs. His biography, "Spotlight on Robert Lauri" written by Linda Adnil-Vranken, also provides a deeper insight into his musical career and motivation.

The clips were created by Anna Clara Passarelli, the talented Italian artist. As a child, Anna always had a penchant for graphic art and art in general. She continued on this path, obtaining her degree at the Academy of Fine Arts. She is also a master of dance with several specialty areas. Movie and dance are her passion. This is the first time she has produced clips for other artists, creating worlds of images in perfect harmony with the music of Robert Lauri and also Diane Marino, a great jazz artist who deserves to be presented to a broad European audience. (The clip "On The Streets Where You Live" by Diane Marino can be seen on the international video sites.) Website Diane Marino :

So, there you have it. Let's start by discovering music that is rich in emotion and diversity by treating you to the Robert Lauri video clips on his YouTube and Vimeo sites.

Video "Robert Lauri - Someday":
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Robert Lauri's Musical Worlds Bring Out All Our Emotions
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