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 Icelandic Band Myrka Releases Debut Album

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PostSubject: Icelandic Band Myrka Releases Debut Album   Tue May 11, 2010 5:57 pm


The band Myrka has just released its debut album earlier this month, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented band members. Gudny Lara, Stefan, Gudjon and Helgi, who live in Akureyri, Iceland, have just put the final touches to the album, and have been preparing for the release for months which will hopefully build upon Myrka's fan base and get its music heard by more people than ever.

The album, '13', consists of thirteen original songs, each providing a combination of high-energy guitar playing, powerful Hammond organ, melodious vocals and dramatic lyrics along with the great metal-drums. The music is punctuated throughout with elements of heavy metal, punk, jazz, pop and classical music.

The album was recorded at Tankurinn (The tank) in Flateyri, Iceland. It was produced by Onundur Palsson (Onni) who has produced recordings for most of Iceland's most known artists as well as many international artists.

The theme of the album is dark, powerful, dramatic and gothic with a bit of progressiveness.

'13' reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into Myrka's music. Whilst their grounding came in traditional rock music - they have developed a new style of music that they chose to call 'death pop' which is a crossover from death metal and pop/rock style. More commonly Myrka's music is referred to as gothic rock.

The albums has already gotten great reviews which have included phrases like:
"...the whole CD sounding like a lost classic from 1969, but with bang up to date 21st century production values." - Ravenheart
" feast of incredible proportions! Prime ingredienients being talent, originality and a very specific unique quality - which I have no word for." - Rick Frost

The album has been launched online at CDBaby (, and fans are encouraged to visit Myrka's website (, which provides everything you could want to know about the band. As well as checking out videos of Myrka on Youtube, you can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases on Myrka's webpage.

Fans can also check out Myrka's MySpace ( page and can join up to be fans on Facebook.
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Icelandic Band Myrka Releases Debut Album
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