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 J.P. DeLaire "In My Life" Music Video

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PostSubject: J.P. DeLaire "In My Life" Music Video   Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:52 am

J.P. DeLaire "In My Life" Music Video:

This is a video JP DeLaire released in 2008, inspired by Barack Obama's leadership, with the intent to support his race to the White House. Just two years later, the video now has even more significance, detailing all of the things that have changed and all that remains to be done. As a member of "The Peterson Family", Minnesota's First Family Of Music, Jason has learned everything from world renowned musicians such as Prince and Michael Bolton with whom he collaborated extensively. His approach to the music is unique and meaningful. Jason plays the piano and sax, is a soulful vocalist, and writes emotionally deep songs which embrace many styles.

Jason's latest CD 'In My Life' is available for purchase on iTunes and on his own website in CD format as well. A new single "Romance, Rumors and Lies" has been released, while he plans on touring with his own band the next spring-summer.
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J.P. DeLaire "In My Life" Music Video
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