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 "Souk Medina" - A New Sound Expression

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PostSubject: "Souk Medina" - A New Sound Expression   Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:24 pm


Just released via iTunes, EATcha Tribe's latest offering is an exotic mix of ethnic music coupled with their trademark electronica. The acoustic instrumental introduces an ethereal storyline which is continued as the title track draws the listener down the winding streets of an old Moorish city into the market place. The final track 'Burning Low' offers a suggestion of promise and seduction.

Soundwrx Creative Director, Craig Hopkinson: "It's been several months since EATcha Tribe's last release and I believe this EP demonstrates just how far they've come both in terms of originality of composition and quality of production. 'Souk Medina' has real native charm represented by the exotic melodic resonance of sonically similar World instruments that contrasts with the sumptuous orchestral string and percussion. This eclectic mix continues with rousing crescendos to the Techno Trance section decorated with Djembe rhythms that culminate in a musical breakdown where lush pads and ambience form the outro. The minimal use of sultry female vocals interjects and underlines the idea of location. It's a great example of cinematic soundscape."

About Soundwrx: Soundwrx Limited®️ is an independent label specializing in writing music for use as stock, background music and soundtracks suitable for film, games, radio or television. Their growing portfolio of artists from Europe and the United States are attributed with some commercial credits for mobile music licensing and distribution, TV advertising and U.S. cable TV soundtracks for VH-1, MTV, E! and HBO. All of their artist singles and albums are available for download on Amazon, iTunes HMV and others via their distribution partner, BFM Digital.
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"Souk Medina" - A New Sound Expression
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