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 HRI: UNArts - Haiti - Hope For Humanity Campaign

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Vijay Fernandes

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PostSubject: HRI: UNArts - Haiti - Hope For Humanity Campaign   Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:40 pm


The international community is now engaged in the systemic collapse of Haiti, following the devastating earthquake, this last week. As the world struggles to respond to this humanitarian emergency, the cost of negligence and neglect of the worlds severely impoverished populations, is finally being grasped by world leaders.

* ReliefWeb: Haiti: Relief Operations Overview.
* Pan American Health Organization: Haiti: Relief Operations Overview.

With 3.5 Billion people or half of the worlds population living in severe poverty, the United Nations Arts Initiative "Hope for Humanity" Campaign, will target the completion of objectives outlined in the "Stand Up Against Poverty - 2009: The Next Level" Initiative.

"STAND UP 2009 was a starting point that engaged the use of technology in a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube world. But as noted, the issues on the table need to go far beyond a tweet or a post of support on Facebook or MySpace. We need real time communication of prioritized issues, engagement of top experts and formation of background discussion groups for review and analysis, compilation of peer reviewed supporting information for communication to the decision making level, media, etc., etc. Through this advocacy approach, consensus building, grassroots strategic planning, and response are achievable at the speed of an email."

Access full release at:

Thank you for your support.

Stephen Michael Apatow
Founder, Director of Research and Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute
United Nations Arts Initiative
Twitter: unarts
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HRI: UNArts - Haiti - Hope For Humanity Campaign
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