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 Stephen Michael Apatow: Outside Of The Box

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PostSubject: Stephen Michael Apatow: Outside Of The Box   Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:47 pm


Maximal Impact describes the focus of the "United Nations Arts Initiative," ( established to return operations to the front lines, "Bridging Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources" on the grassroots level in every United Nations member country. The vehicle encompasses the grassroots support of the arts and entertainment industry and logistical support of the medical, veterinary and legal professions.

24X7 response capability reflects our focus on creativity, the capacity to think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective.... "Outside of the Box"

The high energy "Outside of the Box" album compilation provides the world with a taste of powerful lyrics, arrangement and production by Country Music Association Artist Stephen Michael Apatow ( Soundtracks include:

-- If You Loved Me
-- Rock The World
-- Push for the Summit
-- 911 Song
-- Time to Kick Some Ass
-- Lead
-- Seize The Moment
-- All I Want
-- Please Listen Now
-- I Will Rise

All tracks available to radio stations on AirPlay Direct (tracks streaming online for all in continual play format).
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Stephen Michael Apatow: Outside Of The Box
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