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 Yuminale Releases Transitory Glow

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PostSubject: Yuminale Releases Transitory Glow   Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:58 am


Lovers of modern chill, downtempo and ambient music will find this work irresistible.

Harder to categorize than many of its peers, Yuminale has been described as refreshing and unique, with a sound all its own. A few more extended and complex works - reminiscent of the great days of Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) - appear throughout this latest effort, more so than in the previous releases. Yuminale is in no rush on this album, which is perfect for people who like to put on the phones and get lost for awhile.

Yuminale's previous releases - including the self-titled Yuminale and Twilight in the Opal Atrium - have won devoted fans around the world, including one Amazon music customer who dubbed the contents of these CDs "amazing music ... highly recommended."

"I have not heard anything like this music before," said Magda Capurso. "It's just beautiful. There is an ethereal quality to the music that is so serene, yet mesmerizing and unforgettable. Each track has its own feel, and takes you on a divine journey. Great for relaxing or working. Excellent to inspire creativity. This music is simply art for the senses."

Maximilian March enthused: "The tune "Been Here Before" from Twilight in the Opal Atrium is truly wonderful. I sincerely love it.
Every time it comes on our MaxMarchRadio broadcasts, I stop what I’m doing to soak it in and give it my full attention. I can literally feel it sink/sync into my soul. It begins in a very unassuming way, but by the time it reaches the signature of those mystic chords, one has no choice but to surrender to it.
Put simply, the track is genius."

Transitory Glow will be available at online outlets such as iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

Streaming and downloads are available at and
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Yuminale Releases Transitory Glow
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