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 Moh Dediouf Lauches His New Project

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PostSubject: Moh Dediouf Lauches His New Project   Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:23 pm


"when Music, Words and Sounds meet each others, when the notes are kings leaving melodies to a lovely and peaceful world"

Clique Production and Moh DeDiouf shared a common goal. Now, they're sharing with the world the fruits of their collaboration -- a new album, "Smile Way of Life". "Our artists discover a new way of collaborating; we give them more artistic freedom and incorporate the music's human dimension." (la Clique production)

Moh, a founding member of the group African Artists for Next Generation, will promote the album on his upcoming Dash Tour - the connector between Africa and the rest of the world. He'll be meeting up with other musicians in the group across the world. It's a Dash band.

"African music is a starting point, a rebirth … All my musical career has been based on the renewal of African music, renewal of genres, lyrics, collaborations and goals … take the song Adouana, it's still stealing the hearts of music lovers and convincing Afro-pessimists that there is renewal."

Creation stage with the Dash Band America

After Switzerland, Moh DeDiouf travelled to Montreal, Canada. There he met Guillaume Soucy, who signed on as artistic producer for Moh's next project (January 2010). True to his dedication to forging pathways between Africa and the rest of the world, Moh invited Jashun, founder of the Kalmunity Collective, to join the project. It's a new incarnation by an African Artist for the Next Generation. Dash Band America is born.

A photo shoot with the superb Montreal photographer Mario Jean captures the emotion of each moment in this urban, yet soulful new realm.

Discover the photos of Moh exclusively at
Meet the Kalmunity Collective at

It's a New Show: Dash Band Europe

In early September, Moh travelled to Geneva, Switzerland to meet Papis Diongue, artistic director. Instantly, mood was cool, the vibe was right. An inspired musical moment resulted, when the two men spontaneously started jamming Tracy Chapman's song "Revolution".

Since then, Moh has collected four talented musicians who will tour with him through Europe. They are, on drums, Papis Diongue, Jeremy Tordjman on guitar, Ivan Rougny on bass, Jean Ferarini, the famous pianist from Positive Black Soul.

Discover the Moh and Papis' "Revolution" jam on

Adouna's Music video production

After Canada Moh arrived in Cardiff for Adouna's music video production with Widelode company (link

Message of peace and hope, this song has been awarded the International Song Writing Competition 1st Prize in World Music, singling out 15000 competitors from 100 countries. Moh is making a plea for a New Africa.
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Moh Dediouf Lauches His New Project
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