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 Panda Transport Set To Release Monorail

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PostSubject: Panda Transport Set To Release Monorail   Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:34 pm


Panda Transport is set to release Monorail, the follow up to Plush Mechanique, which was featured on Grey's Anatomy. After the success of their debut album, Panda Transport is back with a new EP and has inked a new distribution deal with Independent Distribution Collective for distribution in the U.S. In addition to the new EP and distribution deal, Panda Transport is set to tour the US in the spring and summer.

Building upon discoveries from the creation of their breakthrough Plush Mechanique, Kathy and Thierry set out to create the Monorail EP more organically. They traded in their Postal Service-esque transcontinental internet based collaboration for a face-to-face personal effort. Sitting down in the same room in the south of France, getting instant inspiration from each other and a shared environment, they created the fundamental elements of Monorail. Drawing on acoustic, electronic, and found sounds, they set out to capture the sounds of their imaginations - and it worked!
Think of Monorail as a collection of auditory snapshots capturing the moments, places and ideas of NOW. As Thierry says "The music is smooth and light hearted, surrounded by natural was recorded windows opened, to put the light and sounds of the places where we did it on the recording, to remember when and where it was done."
From the car-door-slamming kick drum sample of "Up the Disco", to the sampled cicadas in "Cicadas in Stereo" from the forest outside Kathy's yurt, Monorail is a unique combination of the outer and inner spaces of Kathy's and Thierry's lives. By abandoning their tendency towards perfection and embracing the moment, they created songs which are immediate, personal, and poppy while retaining the curious experimentation and playfulness so often edited out in today's music.
Monorail is fun to listen to - a six song mini vacation into the Panda Transport sound. Acoustic and Electric, spontaneous yet impeccably produced, retro pop tinges with futuristic production, Monorail is a triumph of the moment, and of cross cultural collaboration - American and European sensibilities combined into a fantastic creation that is Panda Transport. Their sound is fully self aware and the stronger for it.
Panda Transport was conceived in 2006 by Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck. After meeting and becoming friends via the internet, pen pal style, they began to record material for their debut album, Plush Mechanique. Kathy wanted to be a pussycat, a witch, or an astronaut: Thierry, alone in a boat or a Shepard in the alps. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop: he, a punk electro-experimental musician and virtual faders master. They are polar opposites drawn together by their shared desire desire to explore the unknown. Their meeting was a twist of fate. Their musical creations are a twist of cultures, experiences, influences and personalities. Their debut, Plush Mechanique, featured the single "Transmission" which was featured on Greys Anatomy.
For more information about Panda Transport visit
To request a review copy of Monorail please email:
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Panda Transport Set To Release Monorail
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