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 Bomber Announces His Debut Single!

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Bomber Announces His Debut Single! Empty
PostSubject: Bomber Announces His Debut Single!   Bomber Announces His Debut Single! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 2:21 am

SoundCloud Link:

With a successful promotional campaign Bomber has been creating the right kind of attention, and literally has exploded. With his own style that consists of infectious pop melody and awesome hip-hop beats. Adrian Sykes at EMI had to comment, “He has success written all over him!” He has been featured on the online publication NewQuod and has started turning heads already. Announced today is Bomber’s debut single Amazing, the track will be released on the 28th October.

Bomber started his journey with the release of ‘On My Way,’ which features the producer on vocals and has brought Bomber a good amount of new fans. The new track Amazing is set to be the song of the dance floors with a catchy beat, a brilliant dance floor smash to chase away the winter blues. The beat was produced by Tyler Smith of Tyler Smith Productions and features a 90s style piano mixed with an upbeat synth.

Bomber has always had a flare for music from such a young age. He grew up in North London with his Jamaican mother and his older siblings. Music was always playing and smooth reggae beats were definitely the catch of the day. At a young age when Bomber aka Kirk Edwards first got into MCing he used to attend MC battles and was even featured on ‘Heat FM.’

Bomber has been signed but the label he was signed to went into liquidation leaving him unsigned, but now he has a new management and a great team behind him to bring his music to the UK’s ears, this has been dubbed his year. Already he has performed with the likes of Chipmunk another British rapper and also completed a University Tour which spread like wild fire. To date though Bomber also managed to bag himself a space at this year’s Surface Festival and scored the most points EVER in their competition.

With his first debut single planned to be released on the 28th October, it’s time to give him the spotlight and watch him shine as Amazing hits the dancefloors…

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Bomber Announces His Debut Single!
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