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 Tina Malia Debuts Pop/electronic Album "The Lost Frontier"

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Tina Malia Debuts Pop/electronic Album "The Lost Frontier" Empty
PostSubject: Tina Malia Debuts Pop/electronic Album "The Lost Frontier"   Tina Malia Debuts Pop/electronic Album "The Lost Frontier" Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2012 12:38 pm

Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist/Producer Tina Malia debuts today her highly anticipated pop/electronic album “The Lost Frontier.” Malia delivers a rawness and authenticity through her extraordinary voice and musical compositions as well as in her lyrics and prose. Each song on "The Lost Frontier" is powerful on its own, kicking off with the sensuous second single “Serendipity” and the global electronic introspection of the title track to the building dance beat of “Undercover” and the inspirational groove of “Spark.” Collectively the album makes an indelible mark every time one hears it. Upon each listening something new is learned, as the songs inspire instead of instigate, observe rather than point, wonder rather than blame. Each of the 10 original tracks is part of the greater whole, which at the end of the day is an affirmation of love, of hope, of responsibility for ourselves and each other.

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"The title track sets up the entire album 'The Lost Frontier' because it highlights the cyclical nature of our existence and the far extremes that lie within it. The wheel is merely an observer as we move through revolutions of creation and decay, hope and despair, beauty and destruction. 'The Lost Frontier' is about acknowledging and understanding these different aspects in life and remembering that we have the power to choose what we do with that knowledge." Tina Malia

“The Lost Frontier” already has people talking as it becomes the first pop/electronic album to get the stamp of vocal authenticity, which means Malia’s vocals were recorded without any vocal pitch manipulation technology such as Auto-Tune. The RealSing Collective – made up of GRAMMY-winning singers, songwriters, engineers, producers and music industry organizations-- evaluates and then gives official certification to authentic recorded vocal performances.

Army Pink
Tina Malia is the first indie artist to be named as an Ambassador of Peace for the new global brand-of-action Army Pink ( Army Pink pledges a portion of its sales to support organizations that make positive change in regions of the world and areas of our lives running at a peace deficit. Its Ambassadors of Peace are female musicians – representing legends, icons and independent artists – who are courageous and committed to promoting peace worldwide.

More Tina Malia
A multi-talented artist and highly trained musician, Ms. Malia not only writes and sings her own material, she also engineers and produces her albums, playing many of the instruments included on them. Originally trained as a classical pianist by her mother, she credits her father for introducing her to guitar and folk music, which led her to such iconic female singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Alison Krauss and the Indigo Girls, among others. On "The Lost Frontier," we hear these influences as well as flavors of electronic, world, pop and dance.

Of Korean and Yugoslavian descent, Ms. Malia exhibits a natural ease within the talented artist's powers of observation. Her travels around the world and interest in many cultures eventually led her to Sanskrit mantra chanting, which she describes as "simple yet extraordinary," and to which she attributes her sense of well being.

As an artist, her love of different cultures and music has helped distinguish her in styles ranging from pop to world/acoustic to electronic. Her own diverse and growing catalog of albums is complemented by work with iconic artists such as Carlos Santana, India.Arie, Bonnie Raitt, Kenny Loggins, Bassnectar, Jai Uttal and Idan Raichel.
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Tina Malia Debuts Pop/electronic Album "The Lost Frontier"
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