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 Grin City By Strawberry Nightmares

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PostSubject: Grin City By Strawberry Nightmares   Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:31 pm

This Summer, one city will witness an uprising.

Of course it's Grin City, the 5th album by UK based electronic outfit Strawberry Nightmares.

Grin City contains 13 brand new tracks, freshly slaughtered (inhumanely obviously), gutted, sliced diced, digitized and ready for your palate.

Released digitally on August 23rd the band has delivered its Maximalist-Clowncore-Jokelectro style once again, except better, somehow.

Avid listeners will notice plenty more samples, guitars, breakdowns, builds, more madness and a much more danceable vibe overall. Although there are still a couple of more chilled pieces to put your pet iguana to sleep, or for when you are on a caffeine comedown.

Influences remain numerous and eclectic including internet sensation Leeroy Jenkins, old kung-fu movies, Rustie, Zombies, Frank Miller comics and Cartoon Networks Adventure Time. All these and more are the fuel behind the beats, bells, bleeps and “Lick My Face”s featured within.

For those who cant wait and have recently acquired a nervous tick, get your hands on some FREE music now. In the wake of another ‘rising’ Strawberry Nightmares have a Batman inspired track available for download on their official site.

Follow on twitter now @SBnightmares

Grin City will be available for download from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and more from August 23rd 2012.
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Grin City By Strawberry Nightmares
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