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 Angelina Lavo Gets Risque This Summer

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PostSubject: Angelina Lavo Gets Risque This Summer   Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:48 pm

Up-and-coming artist, performer songwriter and internet sensation Angelina Lavo unleashes her debut EP, Risque this Tuesday on ITunes and all good digital stores.

Risque is considered by Angelina Lavo to be, "a musical flirtation that gives a little bit of everything to everybody."

The EP features production from industry heavyweights, Omen (Usher, Lil Wayne, Drake and Fabolous) and Lu Diaz (Pitbull, DJ Khaled, Jason Mraz and J-Lo). Omen recently produced, "What Happened to U," on Usher's latest album Looking 4 Myself. The multi-platinum producer commented that, "Angelina Lavo is definitely a name to look out for."

Angelina has received thousands of followers and fans leading up to the launch of Risque. The first track on the genre bending EP, "Circus Act" is on rotation on KTU, and debuted at #15 on Reverb Nation.

The edgy second track, "Jealous Girls," was performed last month by Angelina Lavo at Arena (NYC) to a captivated audience as part of Boutique Artists Summer Fashion Week 2012 along with her tribute to the Big Apple, "NY."

The fourth track off of Risque, "Like You Did Before," shows Angelina's take on heart break as she shares her experience with listeners.

In contrast to the other songs on Risque,"I Can't Believe," shows Angelina's natural talent in upbeat electronic dance music. Angelina is reported to be working with the track's producer, Lu Diaz, on more material for her up-and-coming album.

Angelina and legendary rapper Twista wrap the EP in true Risque fashion with, "Cotton Candy." Sources close to Angelina's team have confirmed that they are working on a music video featuring both artists.

To listen to Risque on ITunes please visits,

About Angelina Lavo
Angelina Lavo is a dance artist that combines live performance, modern choreography, style and sensuality into her art.

Born in Moscow, Angelina's grandmother put her in music school from a very young age where she played piano and crafted talents throughout her teenage years. In 2009, Angelina Lavo arrived in New York City to achieve her dream of becoming an internationally known name in one of the music capitals of the world.

To date, Angelina's industry support has paid off with her fan-base exploding and her videos becoming YouTube hits.

For more information on Angelina Lavo please visit:
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Angelina Lavo Gets Risque This Summer
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