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 Celebrating 12 Years; Websites, PR And Marketing For Entertainment

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PostSubject: Celebrating 12 Years; Websites, PR And Marketing For Entertainment   Wed May 30, 2012 5:51 pm


At OurGig, we are giving back to our communities in ways that we hope will make their most crucial challenges better for everyone involved. While, as a result of the Internet among other things, there is increasing interconnectedness between everyone and everything around the Globe, the majority of the wealth is increasingly being concentrated in the hands of a few. This has long been true in the music business where artists and musicians have shared in the fruits of their creativity in ways that are disproportionately less than the big music companies.

In response to this disparity of wealth-which more than ever today is a worldwide trend-OurGig provides valuable, Internet-based tools to artists and musicians. These are typically individuals with the least amount money who we help re-capture their professional identities, bring them closer to managing their own affairs and allow them to participate in the revenue streams being generated by all kinds of new, social media which they would otherwise be left out of. Because of the number of artists that we have been able to provide these valuable tools to, we are successfully achieving our goal of "putting the music back in the hands of artists". A "radical" philosophy? Maybe-but it is one way we can contribute to helping make, in the words of Carne Ross, the author of "A Leaderless Revolution", a "better world".


Because of the interconnectedness that exists today like never before, each artist with only a few clicks, can make a difference. We provide a Global artist-musician community with the tools to make the differences they intend to make-through their art, through their messages and through their music. Actions in their own communities can have global impact. The tools that we provide to support them in this way include:

- Providing artists at any level or time in life the valuable tools and resources that ensure they stay connected not just to fans but to valuable revenue stream.

- Connecting new artists with resources to avoid pitfalls of bad or restrictive contracts and remaining independent wherever wise and possible.

- Facilitating economic recovery for older artists utilizing reputation or accomplishments to open opportunities and revenue beyond active years.

- Creating and developing networks in all genres and professions where likeminded artists can share benefits far beyond their own circles or communities.

For more information about what we do please visit WWW.OURGIG.COM
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Celebrating 12 Years; Websites, PR And Marketing For Entertainment
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